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CAFARCOL S.A.S es una compañía con una trayectoria de 36 años en la industria de fabricación de diversos productos de caucho de altas especificaciones, así como plásticos de ingeniería para uso farmacéutico, industrial, cosmético y automotriz; mediante procesos claramente definidos y certificados por la norma internacional SGS NTC - ISO 9001-2008.

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CFC CAFARCOL S.A.S is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of rubber and plastic goods for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, as well for industrial applications. CFC CAFARCOL S.A.S is a certified company under the ISO 9001:2008 standard since the year 2004. Our portfolio covers from commodity goods up to custom made ones.
With our valuable experience since the year 1976, and the outstanding performance of our highly qualified personnel, we are committed to the development of the company throughout the satisfaction of our  customer needs.
CFC CAFARCOL S.A.S. located in Bogota, Colombia, offers logistic advantages to its Andean clients because of its strategic geographic point in the continent.
Since 2005 we complemented our manufactured product lines with integral packaging solutions for our clients, distributing items made of aluminum, plastic and glass, which are procured by worldwide suppliers that have been carefully selected by CFC CAFARCOL S.A.S, under established long term commercial and quality agreements.