Sobre Nosotros

CAFARCOL S.A.S es una compañía con una trayectoria de 36 años en la industria de fabricación de diversos productos de caucho de altas especificaciones, así como plásticos de ingeniería para uso farmacéutico, industrial, cosmético y automotriz; mediante procesos claramente definidos y certificados por la norma internacional SGS NTC - ISO 9001-2008.

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Global Policies


1.    The company promotes human resource, teamwork and internal collaboration.
2.     The relationship with our associates is founded on the strict compliance with the Colombian Labor Code.
3.    Mutual respect is the base of our interpersonal dealings
4.    The company’s entire workforce is committed to assure respect and compliance with the instructions, rules, laws and procedures.
5.    We are very demanding with the maintenance and care of our processing equipment and tools.
6.    Outstanding housekeeping of our facilities is one of our goals of continuous improvement. That is why it is relevant for us the working environment, industrial safety, organization and cleanness of our facilities.
7.    It is our responsibility to manage and guarantee reliable and high quality product to our clients.
8.    We request outstanding compliance with quality, and deliveries on time from our suppliers, as they expect the same from us with the compromises that we are accountable with them.