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CAFARCOL S.A.S es una compañía con una trayectoria de 36 años en la industria de fabricación de diversos productos de caucho de altas especificaciones, así como plásticos de ingeniería para uso farmacéutico, industrial, cosmético y automotriz; mediante procesos claramente definidos y certificados por la norma internacional SGS NTC - ISO 9001-2008.

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Rubber is a product obtained through milky emulsions that come from plants like Hevea Brasiliensis or rubber tree. The product derived from the plant is called latex and it is chemically treated to transform it into rubber. Rubber is mainly used for tires and other hydrocarbon goods. Rubber can also be obtained artificially or synthetically imitating the production process.

Rubber products


It is a sealed elastic item, used to close vial containers of different specifications and dimensions for human or veterinarian injectable medicines (solutions or liquid suspensions, oily substances and powder for reconstitution); whose properties allow it to adjust to any container mouth to perform a good sealing, it also comes with an aluminum seal or flip cap that fits to the container for an hermetic closure.

Depending on the type of medication, a formula is designed for the plug in which the rubber does not alter the product’s chemical stability on direct contact, and it complies with all the ISO 8871-1 standards 8871-1 (Elastomeric parts for parenterals and for devices for pharmaceutical use – part1: Extractables in aqueous autoclavates); it allows injection needles to go through the plug to get into the container to extract its contents; for a multi-dose product, it should have good reseal properties.

Bulb Dropper

Elastic and flexible rubber item used for products that require drops dosage, depending on the size, it is able to suck between 0.5 and 1 cc through a pipette and dose it drop by drop. Generally it comes with a pipette, screw caps for mouth jars and the liquid solution. The dimensions depend on the diameter of the screw cap.

Liner Seal

Elastic rubber item located in the inside of the cap of different products (medication, perfumes, creams, etc), giving it the appropriate seal between the container and cap, which main objective is to prevent leaks of